Design Manual

The DataCite Design Manual

An organization's design represents its identity. The purpose of DataCite Design Manual is to provide guidelines for the use of DataCite design elements such as our logo, colors, and fonts to highlight our identity and make it recognizable to our community at all times.

An organizational design is essential for a consistent visual experience of DataCite’s services and products. It is also important because it represents DataCite’s identity, mission, and values. We therefore encourage you to follow the guidelines of this design manual.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about how to apply these guidelines.


DataCite Design Manual

DataCite Logos and Badges

DataCite Members, Consortium Organizations and registered Service Providers may use DataCite’s name, logo, and the relevant community badge to announce their status and their activities. For any other use of the materials available in this manual, please contact [email protected]

DataCite primary logo
DataCite secondary logo
DataCite Schwoop
DataCite stacked logo
DataCite community badges