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DataCite Logo Download

The DataCite logo (wide format, preferred) is available in different formats:

Please remember only the vector formats (AI, SVG, PDF) are suitable for printing.

DataCite Logo Usage Guidelines

Please Contact DataCite if you are planning to reference the organisation and use the logo (presentations, posters, printed material... ). We welcome every reference and put particular effort into tracking them.

The provided DataCite logo is designed to be used on light backgrounds. Should you want to use it on a background that is darker than 50% grey, please get back to us and we will provide you a suitable version of the DataCite logo.

There should be sufficient clear space around the DataCite logo to ensure visibility. Please allow around one third of its size around it.

Do not change the DataCite logo, wordmark or colors. Do not stretch the image. Use only the official files.