DataCite Webinar Series


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Get started with Metadata Schema 4.4

Madeleine de Smaele (TU Delft), Sophie Roy (NRC)

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Implementing ROR: linking outputs to institutions

Robin Dasler, Daniella Lowenburg (CDL)

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The DataCite PID graph

Helena Cousijn, Robin Dasler Martin Fenner, Kristian Garza, (DataCite)

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After Make Data Count: the building blocks of data metrics

Helena Cousijn, Martin Fenner, Kristian Garza, Robin Dasler (DataCite)

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Make Data Count (MDC) Spring Webinar

Daniella Lowenburg (CDL), Kristian Garza (DataCite), Matt Jones (DataOne)

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Crossref and Datacite Data Citation Webinar

Racheal Lammey (Crossref), Helena Cousijn (DataCite), Patricia Feeny (Crossref), Robin Dasler (DataCite)

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Google Dataset Search Webinar

Natasha Noy (Google)

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