DataCite Webinar Series


Title of WebinarPresented by
BEGIN: metadata for meaningful data metricsMatt Buys (DataCite)
Stefanie Haustein (University of Ottawa)
Christine Borgman (UCLA)
Rodrigo Costas (Leiden University)
Nicolas Robinson-Garcia (Granada University)
Isabella Peters (ZBW)
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EXPLORE: the need for an open classification systemMatt Buys (DataCite)
Daniella Lowenberg (California Digital Library)
Stefanie Haustein (University of Ottawa)
Ludo Waltman (Leiden University)
Kristi Holmes (Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine)
Jason Priem (OurResearch)
Geoffrey Bilder (Crossref)
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FORAGE: the hunt for existing data citationsMatt Buys (DataCite)
Daniella Lowenberg (California Digital Library)
Stephanie van de Sandt (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Carly Robinson (US Department of Energy, OSTI)
Silvio Peroni (Open Citations)
Julia Lane (Coleridge Initiative)
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Introducing the IGSN and DataCite Partnership Rorie Edmunds (DataCite)Watch here
Increase your impact through better metadata! Paul Vierkant (DataCite), Bosun Obileye (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA), Mohamed Ali Ahmed (SomaliREN),
Yared Abera Ergu (NADRE)
Watch here
Make your research visible and create more impact using DataCite DOIs UbuntuNet Alliance and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)Watch here
Get started with Metadata Schema 4.4Madeleine de Smaele (TU Delft), Sophie Roy (NRC)Watch here
Implementing ROR: linking outputs to institutionsRobin Dasler, Daniella Lowenburg (CDL)Watch here
The DataCite PID graphHelena Cousijn, Robin Dasler Martin Fenner, Kristian Garza, (DataCite)Watch here
After Make Data Count: the building blocks of data metricsHelena Cousijn, Martin Fenner, Kristian Garza, Robin Dasler (DataCite)Watch here
Make Data Count (MDC) Spring WebinarDaniella Lowenburg (CDL), Kristian Garza (DataCite), Matt Jones (DataOne)Watch here
Crossref and Datacite Data Citation WebinarRacheal Lammey (Crossref), Helena Cousijn (DataCite), Patricia Feeny (Crossref), Robin Dasler (DataCite)Watch here
Google Dataset Search WebinarNatasha Noy (Google)Watch here