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Demo Account

Our demo accounts have recently changed

Throughout November 2018, we will be in the process of transitioning existing users from "demo accounts" to "test accounts" where appropriate. Please bear with us as as this transition takes place.

About demo accounts

Demo accounts are intended for DataCite Members who have recently joined but are not yet ready to create active DOIs. A demo account allows you to configure your systems to automatically register and manage DOIs via API or to try out the functionality that's currently available in DOI Fabrica without the risk of creating live DOIs. To request a demo account, please contact DataCite Support.

Please note:

Demo accounts are in our live production system. Demo accounts are restricted to creating only Draft DOIs using the demo prefix 10.5072. This is to prevent accidental creation of live DOIs.

Set up your Demo Account

After receiving your request via DataCite support, DataCite staff will create a demo account for you.

You will receive an automatically generated e-mail from DOI Fabrica containing a Generate a password link.

Clicking on Generate a password takes you to the Set Password page. You can set your own password or have one automatically suggested for you.

Clicking on Submit will set the password and will take you to the Sign in page. Click on the Sign in button in the upper right corner of your screen and enter your Account ID and the password. You will find your Account ID in the same system e-mail as the password link. It will be DEMO. followed by several capital letters, usually your organizational acronym.

The same demo account credentials work for:

Create and Manage Draft DOIs

A demo account only allows the registration of Draft DOIs using the demo prefix 10.5072. Draft DOIs are not visible outside of DOI Fabrica and can be deleted.

For detailed information on how to register and manage DOIs via the DOI Fabrica interface, please see DataCite DOI Fabrica for Clients.

For detailed information on working with our APIs for Members, please see the DataCite MDS API Guide or the DataCite EZ API Guide.