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Welcome to DataCite's support site. Here you will find helpful information about our services. We have included comprehensive technical guides, training materials, and tips to help you successfully use DataCite services.

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DataCite Open Hours

Open Hours 2021


Presentations and links

July 2021

PANGAEA and metadata "completeness" - Lars Möller, PANGAEA

Data Curation and Metadata Completeness - An Institutional Repository Perspective - Jonathan Petters, Virginia Tech

ICPSR’s Metadata Curation Process - Jay Winkler and Jared Lyle, ICPSR

May 2021

Special webinar: Get started with metadata schema 4.4!

March 2021

Re-launch of DataCite Open Hours, adding ideas to the DataCite roadmap, and validating existing ideas

January 2021

Retiring EZ API more info
Retiring the mailing lists more info
Upcoming additions/changes to the DataCite metadata schema - Madeleine de Smaele, co‐chair of the metadata working group.

Open Hours archive


Presentations and links

December 2020

DataCite pub quiz

October 2020

DataCite Member Meeting 2020 blog post

September 2020

DataCite Commons presentation
Coming up in DataCite Commons presentation

July 2020

The service providers programme presentation

June 2020

Introducing Graph QL and Common DOI search presentation
Exploring Dissertations registered with DataCite presentation
Common DOI search presentation

May 2020

re3data presentation
COREF presentation
Repository Finder presentation

April 2020

Updating contact information in Fabrica presentation
Business meeting of the General Assemblypresentation

March 2020

Roadmap 2020 presentation

February 2020

DataCite Member Meeting (no Open Hours)

January 2020

Data Metrics Badge presentation
Results of the DataCite Member Survey 2019 presentation
Member Model Changes presentation

December 2019

Roadmap visioning presentation

November 2019

Account Structure Changes in Fabrica presentation
Showing Scholix links: when do relations become citations? presentation

September 2019

DataCite Metadata Schema 4.3 presentation
DOIs for Plant Genetic Resources Marco Marsella, Senior Advisor, Global Information System presentation
Earth System Modeling Martina Stockhause, IPCC DDC Manager at DKRZ (German Climate Computing Center) presentation

July 2019

Communication, privacy policy, member form, DataCite community on presentation

June 2019

PID OPIDoR : a web application for minting and updating DOIs in large numbers - Mohamed Yahia (Research Engineer within the Department for the Promotion and Enhancement of Research Data at Inist-CNRS) presentation
USGS and DataCite: Using DOIs to Assess Science Impact
-Viv Hutchinson (Science Data Management Branch Chief, USGS) presentation

May 2019

Web form presentation
Metadata provenance presentation

April 2019

DataCite General Assembly, Feedback Session presentation

March 2019

Retiring test prefix 10.5072 and Link Checker presentation

February 2019

Why organization identifiers are important to DataCite
What is ROR and how can you participate, ROR demo
Maria Gould - CDL

January 2019

Solving the Deep Paging Problem,Faster Indexing, Search for Everything, Advanced DOI Search in DOI Fabrica presentation

December 2018

Roadmap 2019

Updated about a month ago

DataCite Open Hours

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