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DataCite, Member and Client Responsibility

DataCite Responsibilities

  1. Supporting researchers by providing methods to locate, identify and cite data reliably
  2. Being a member of the International DOI Foundation and Registration Agency (RA) for DOI names
  3. Providing a sustainable technical infrastructure and services
  4. Cooperating internationally to ensure the availability of data
  5. Defining, adopting and promoting standard methods in order to locate, identify and cite data reliably
  6. Promoting the Association’s initiatives, work and services
  7. Commissioning third parties to provide additional services for the benefit of DataCite

Member Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrate an elevated level of commitment to open-data and open research
  2. Become part of a global data-sharing community, learning, collaborating, and advocating with a leading-edge network of data research experts
  3. Play a critical role in advancing DataCite’s data-sharing mission
  4. Ensuring that users can continue to take advantage of the DataCite service by paying your membership fees to DataCite
  5. Providing a way for users to assign Digital Object Identifiers within the best practice guidelines
  6. Supporting users by managing their user accounts and responding to requests for support
  7. Collaborating with DataCite to ensure that users are aware of currently existing and developing data publication and citation practices

Members are also encouraged to represent the views, needs and requirements of their users back to DataCite

Client Responsibilities

  1. Providing an infrastructure where researchers can preserve and share their research outputs
  2. Implementing quality control to ensure academic publication standards
  3. Ensuring that publications are original enough that they do not violate any existing copyright agreement


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DataCite, Member and Client Responsibility

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