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DataCite DOI Fabrica for Providers


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Provider Dashboard: Info

When Providers log in to Fabrica, they are presented with the Provider dashboard. From the homepage, Providers can manage Settings, Clients, Prefixes, and DOIs.

Provider Dashboard: Info

The Info tab is the first tab presented to Providers after login and gives an overview of the Provider's account information. The two charts display the total number of Client accounts and the total number of DOIs created in the current year across all of the Provider's Clients. Providers can also view the total number of Clients and DOIs by year by hovering over the charts.

Provider Dashboard: Settings

The Settings tab contains the unique Provider ID, Provider name, as well as additional information about the provider: contact information, website, country, and description. This provider information is used in various DataCite services, including the member listing on the homepage.

Provider Dashboard: Settings

Set Password

To set a new password for the Provider account click on the Set Password button on the right. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and can be suggested by DOI Fabrica to provide better security. Click submit after entering the same new password in both the New Password and Confirm Password input fields.

Provider Dashboard: Set Password

Edit Provider Settings

To modify the Provider settings:

  1. Click on the Edit Provider button on the upper right of the Provider Settings page.
  2. Make changes to the Provider information.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the record.

Note: The Provider ID cannot be changed.

Provider Dashboard: Edit Provider Settings

Provider Dashboard: Clients

The Clients tab lists all of the Clients associated with a Provider account. Providers can view Client information including the Client ID, the re3data ID (if available), contact name, contact email, and the domains allowed for the DOI landing pages.

The default sorting order for Clients is by Name. To change sorting order to sort by Date joined, click on the arrow in the dropdown box at the top of the Client list and select Sort by Date Joined. To search for an individual Client, enter the Client name or the Client ID in the search box and click Search.

To filter the Client list by year joined, select the appropriate box on the right side of the screen. To deactivate the filter, re-click the selected box.

Provider Dashboard: Clients

By clicking on the Client's name the total number of DOIs created in the current year are displayed.

Provider Dashboard: Clients, Specific Client Selected

Create New Client Accounts

Providers are able to create new Client accounts and manage existing accounts. Every Client accessing Fabrica through an associated Provider must have their own account. To add a new Client click the Add Client button on the right, fill in the requested details described below and click Save at the bottom of the record. A system email with the Client ID and a link to set up a password will automatically be sent to the contact email in the Client settings.

Provider Dashboard: Clients

Description of Client information:

  1. Client ID: The Client ID is a unique identifier for each client. It must contain uppercase letters or numbers and use the following naming convention: ProviderID.Client, where Provider is the Provider ID, and Client is replaced by a meaningful name describing the Client. The Client ID can't be modified.


Example of Client ID

Provider ID = TIB (German National Library of Science and Technology)
Client = PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science

  1. re3data Record: link to the corresponding record in the re3data registry of research data repositories (optional)
  2. Client Name: name of the Client (i.e. the organization)
  3. Contact Name: name of the technical person responsible for the account
  4. Contact Email: email address for the technical contact. This email address receives reset password requests. (This address should also subscribe to the All Users mailing list).
  5. Domains: by default a DOI can point to any URL, indicated by an asterix *** in the domain settings. To limit the list of domains that can be used to register URLs for a DOI, enter one or more domains or subdomains, separated by a comma.

Edit Client Account

Providers are able to manage existing Client accounts. To edit a Client account:

  1. Click on the name of the Client
  2. Click on Client Settings
  3. Click the Edit Client button
  4. Update the Client information and click Save at the bottom of the record.

Provider Dashboard: Settings, Edit Client

Delete Client Account

To delete a Client account, click on the name of the Client and click on the Delete Client button. Enter the Client ID and click on the Delete button under the Client ID.

Provider Dashboard: Settings, Delete Client

You can't delete a Client if there are associated DOIs. If you attempt to delete a Client that has associated DOIs, you will instead see the screen below, asking you to first transfer all DOIs to another client:

Provider Dashboard: Settings, Delete Client

Click on Transfer DOIs to initiate the DOI transfer, described below.

Provider Dashboard: Prefixes

The DOI prefix is used as a namespace so DOIs are globally unique without requiring global coordination for each new identifier. All DOI prefixes are numbers without any semantic meaning.

The Prefixes tab contains a list of all prefixes assigned to a Provider. To add a prefix, click the Assign Prefix button on the upper right.

Provider Dashboard: Prefixes

On the next screen, select an available prefix from the dropdown box and click the Assign button. If you don't see prefixes in the list, contact DataCite to request additional prefixes.

Provider Dashboard: Prefixes: Assign Prefix

Provider Dashboard: DOIs

The DOI tab lists all the DOIs registered by all Clients associated with a Provider. Providers can view DOI information including author, version, publication year and publisher.

Provider Dashboard: DOIs registered by Clients

Providers can use the search form to find an individual DOI. It is currently only possible to search by exact DOI. To take advantage of additional search fields and filtering, please use DataCite Search.

Transfer a single DOI to another Client

Providers can transfer DOIs between their Clients. When viewing the record for a single DOI, click the Transfer DOI button in the upper right to begin the process.

Provider Dashboard: DOIs: DOI record

On the Transfer DOI screen, select the Client to which this DOI should be transferred and click the Transfer button to complete the transfer. You can only transfer DOIs to a Client you manage. Please contact DataCite staff if you want to transfer the DOI to a Client not managed by you.

Provider Dashboard: DOIs: Transfer DOI

Transfer all Client DOIs to another Client

Start the DOI transfer by clicking on the Transfer DOIs button in the DOIs screen of the Client.

DOI tab: transfer DOI

In the next screen, select the Client to which you want to transfer all Client DOIs. You can only transfer DOIs to a Client you manage, please contact DataCite staff if you want to transfer DOIs to a Client not managed by you.

DOI tab: transfer DOIs to Client

Click on Transfer to initiate the DOI transfer. The final screen will remind you that the DOI transfer is visible outside of DOI Fabrica (e.g. in DataCite Search) only complete after successful re-indexing, which can take up to 8 hours.

DOI tab: initiate transfer

Transfer Client DOIs to multiple Clients

If you want to transfer DOIs to multiple Clients, you can either transfer each DOI individually, or ask DataCite staff to manually do the DOI transfer for you.


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DataCite DOI Fabrica for Providers

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