This request returns metadata for a given DOI.

Metadata can be retrieved for any existing identifier; no authentication is required. Simply issue a GET request to the identifier's URL.

⇒ GET /id/doi:10.5438/test9999 HTTP/1.1
⇒ Host:

⇐ HTTP/1.1 200 OK
⇐ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
⇐ Content-Length: 208
⇐ success: doi:10.5438/test9999
⇐ _created: 1300812337
⇐ _updated: 1300913550
⇐ _target:
⇐ _profile: datacite

The first line of the response body is a status line. Assuming success, the remainder of the status line echoes the canonical form of the requested identifier.

The remaining lines are metadata element name/value pairs serialized per ANVL rules; see Request & response bodies above. The order of elements is undefined. Element names beginning with an underscore ("_", U+005F) are reserved for use by the system; their meanings are described in Internal metadata below. Some elements may be drawn from citation metadata standards; see Metadata profiles.