What are the API error codes?

Below is a list of error codes generated by the DataCite APIs and few hints to help with debugging.

Common Issues

  • Wrong endpoint - check if the endpoint is for test or production
  • Bad credentials - always use a repository account to register DOIs
  • Incorrectly formatted metadata - (see DataCite Metadata Schema for required fields and API reference for fields supported in JSON

Error codes and possible solutions

Error codeMessagePossible Solution
400Bad RequestCheck the docs again and try to reproduce.
401Bad credentials.Unauthorized - Check your password.
403You are not authorized to access this resource.Forbidden - Check your password or validate that you are updating a DOI/prefix/repository you have permissions for.
404The resource you are looking for doesn't exist.Not Found - The resource is not found e.g. fetching a DOI/Repository/Member details. May also indicate an issue with credentials. Check your username and password.
405Method Not AllowedThe http method on the request made is not supported. Check documentation.
422Unprocessable EntityCheck the contents of your request, the system understood but it was unable to process it. For a DOI update this might be invalid URL or metadata is invalid.
500Internal Server ErrorTry to reproduce and report steps that caused it.
502Bad GatewayMost likely a temporary issue, try again
503Service UnavailableCheck our status page status.datacite.org.
504Gateway TimeoutCheck our status page/releases status.datacite.org.