Fabrica Contacts and Mailing Lists

In order to receive important communications from DataCite it is essential to keep organizational contact information up to date. It is the responsibility of DataCite Members to ensure correct contact information is added to their DataCite Fabrica accounts. Detailed instructions on how to do this for different organizational accounts are linked below:

Direct Member
Consortium Lead
Consortium Organization

Figure 1: The contacts tab in Fabrica

More detailed information about the Fabrica web interface can be found here.

DataCite uses the information saved in the contact fields in DataCite Fabrica to send important information to members based on their roles as follows:

  • The service contact receives general information about service status and new services.
  • The technical contact is notified of service changes and infrastructure outages.
  • Both contact types receive newsletters and invitations to Open Hours and other DataCite meetings

More details about DataCite mailing lists and communication workflows in this blog post.

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