Displaying IGSN IDs

IGSN ID long display form

Like DOIs, the canonical form of an IGSN ID is a complete https://doi.org/ URL using the form:


Clear context should be included to indicate that it is an IGSN ID. See DataCite DOI Display Guidelines for more information about displaying IGSN IDs as https://doi.org/ links.

IGSN ID short display form

IGSN IDs are sometimes displayed in locations where a complete https://doi.org/ URL is not appropriate. In these cases, IGSN IDs should be displayed with only the DOI prefix and suffix or, if necessary, only the suffix.

  • Preferred: The DOI prefix and suffix (e.g., igsn:10.21384/AU1234)
  • Alternate: Only the suffix (e.g., igsn:AU1234)

Note that the short display form should be typically preceded by an “igsn:” tag to specify that it is an IGSN ID. However, in cases where IGSN IDs are already clearly denoted, such as in the column header of a data table, the preceding “igsn:” tag may be excluded from the short display form.

Hyperlinking IGSN IDs

Where possible, all representations of IGSN IDs should be hyperlinked with the IGSN ID’s complete DOI link.

IGSN IDs in metadata

IGSN IDs encoded in metadata should contain the IGSN ID’s complete DOI URL. This includes IGSN IDs entered in DataCite Metadata Schema properties such as relatedIdentifier.

QR codes

QR codes for IGSN IDs should contain the complete DOI URL. For example, https://doi.org/10.21384/AU1234

If a QR code is applied to a sample or its container, the label should also display the IGSN ID short display form in a human-readable way.


Display guidance may be updated in the future as best practices are refined in agreement with the publishing community.