How do I search for a DOI in DataCite Commons?

DataCite Commons describes works, people, organizations, and repositories, as well as their connections. There are a few ways to search for a specific DOI. Start in the “Works” tab. The search interface in DataCite Commons is based on Elasticsearch query string queries.

If you know the DOI name, you can search with the identifier; for example, 10.7936/5bc9-0k33:

Why is my DOI not found when I search in DataCite Commons?

DataCite's services use the Elasticsearch index. The kind of queries used in Elasticsearch (query_string_query) have the following reserved characters (which means they need to be treated differently in your query)

Elasticsearch reserved characters:

+ - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ / .

If any these characters is part of your query, you should escape with a leading backslash.

Example 1: escape with a leading backslash


Run the query in DataCite Commons.

However, don’t escape if the reserved character is an operator, e.g. the example below the colon is used to indicate a particular field.

Example 2: don’t escape if the reserved character is an operator


Run this query in DataCite Commons.

Finally, remember that different search indexes will have different reserved characters.