Why is my DOI name not retrieved with a search in DataCite Commons?

DataCite's services use the Elasticsearch index. The kind of queries used in Elasticsearch (query_string_query) have the following reserved characters (which means they need to be treated differently in your query)

Elasticsearch reserved characters:

+ - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ / .

If any these characters is part of your query, you should escape with a leading backslash.

Example 1: escape with a leading backslash


Run the query in DataCite Commons.

However, don’t escape if the reserved character is an operator, e.g. the example below the colon is used to indicate a particular field.

Example 2: don’t escape if the reserved character is an operator


Run this query in DataCite Commons.

Finally, remember that different search indexes will have different reserved characters.