Connecting to Works

Related identifiers

The DataCite Metadata Schema includes a relatedIdentifier property to facilitate links to related research outputs.

The relatedIdentifier property has a mandatory attribute, relationType, which is used to describe the type of relationship. All relationTypes in the DataCite Metadata Schema are listed below (Summary of all relationTypes).

Specific use cases are highlighted below.

Citations and references

Citations and references can be provided through the relatedIdentifier property with specific relationTypes:

  • Citations use the relationTypes IsCitedBy, IsReferencedBy, and IsSupplementTo.
  • References use the relationTypes Cites, References, and IsSupplementedBy.

For more information, see the Citations and References section of the documentation, including:

Parts and versions

Whole/part relationships can be represented using related identifiers with the relationTypes HasPart and IsPartOf.

Version relationships can be represented using related identifiers with the relationTypes HasVersion and IsVersionOf. When one version supersedes another, use the pair IsNewVersionOf and IsPreviousVersionOf. For more information on versioning, see Versioning.

Information about parts and versions is exposed in the “relationships” section of the DataCite REST API. This information is also available via the DataCite GraphQL API.

Summary of all relationTypes

relationTypeInterpretationEquivalent toEvent Data Interpretation
IsCitedByA is cited by BB cites ACitation for A
Reference for B
CitesA cites BB is cited by AReference for A
Citation for B
IsReferencedByA is referenced by BB references ACitation for A
Reference for B
ReferencesA references BB is referenced by AReference for A
Citation for B
IsSupplementToA is supplement to BB is supplemented by ACitation for A
Reference for B
IsSupplementedByA is supplemented by BB is supplement to AReference for A
Citation for B
IsPartOfA is part of BB has part APartOf for A
Parts for B
HasPartA has part BA is part of BParts for A
PartOf for B
HasVersionA has version BB has version AVersions for A
VersionOf for B
IsVersionOfA is version of BB is version of AVersionOf for A
Versions for B
IsContinuedByA is continued by BB continues An/a
ContinuesA continues BB is continued by An/a
IsDescribedByA is described by BB describes An/a
DescribesA describes BB is described by An/a
HasMetadataA has metadata BB is metadata for An/a
IsMetadataForA is metadata for BB has metadata An/a
IsNewVersionOfA is new version of BB is new version of An/a
IsPreviousVersionOfA is previous version of BB is previous version of An/a
IsDocumentedByA is documented by BB documents An/a
DocumentsA documents BB is documented by Bn/a
IsCompiledByA is compiled by BB compiles An/a
CompilesA compiles BB is compiled by An/a
IsVariantFormOfA is variant form of BB is original form of An/a
IsOriginalFormOfA is original form of BB is variant form of An/a
IsReviewedByA is reviewed by BB reviews An/a
ReviewsA reviews BB is reviewed by An/a
IsDerivedFromA is derived from BB is source of An/a
IsSourceOfA is source of BB is derived from An/a
IsRequiredByA is required by BB requires An/a
RequiresA requires BB is required by An/a
IsObsoletedByA is obsoleted by BB obsoletes An/a
ObsoletesA obsoletes BB is obsoleted by An/a
IsPublishedInA is published in Bn/an/a
IsIdenticalToA is identical to BB is identical to An/a
IsCollectedByA is collected by BB collects An/a
CollectsA collects BB is collected by An/a

For more information and usage examples for relationTypes, see the DataCite Metadata Schema documentation.