Repository Transfer

The Repository Transfer feature was developed to make it quick and easy for DataCite Consortia to move repositories between different Consortium Organizations if needed. This feature transfers the Repository account as one unit (prefix and DOIs together), there is no disruption to the DOI registration service and the credentials remain exactly the same. The only difference is that the Repository will be managed by a different Consortium Organization. Repositories can only be transferred to Consortium Organizations within the same Consortium.

Only Consortium lead accounts have permission to transfer repository accounts from one Consortium Organization to another. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log into Fabrica with the Consortium account and then navigate to the "Repositories" tab.
  1. Click to open the repository record to be transferred. Then click the "Transfer" button that appears on the left.
  1. In the menu bar enter the name or Consortium Organization ID where the repository will be transferred to and click "Transfer Repository".
  1. The repository now appears under the new Consortium Organization. To check click on the Consortium Organizations tab, then the Consortium Organization and then on the Repositories tab and the transferred Repository account will be listed there.


If the repository has a large number of DOIs, wait a few moments before starting another transfer.