IGSN ID Metadata Recommendations

Like DOIs, IGSN IDs are registered with metadata encoded in the DataCite Metadata Schema. The following guidance for IGSN ID metadata in the DataCite Schema was developed by the IGSN–DataCite Crosswalk and Metadata Management Working Group. DataCite, the IGSN e.V., and the Working Group will continue to expand and refine metadata best practices for IGSN IDs over time.

IGSN ID recommendations for mandatory properties in DataCite Metadata Schema

IGSN IDs must be registered with at least the six mandatory properties in the DataCite Metadata Schema.

1 Identifier

The identifier property will be automatically populated with a DOI upon the creation of an IGSN ID within DataCite services.

2 Creator

The creator property contains a list of “the main researcher(s) involved...in priority order.” For IGSN IDs, this could be the sample collector/creator, chief scientist, curator, or even the person who deposited the sample into a repository.

As a norm, IGSN ID registrants are expected to collect information about the sample owner, Principle Investigator, and/or otherwise. However, if no appropriate name is available, the property will be populated with the name of the IGSN ID Repository registrant or an appropriate standard value for unknown information from Table 11 of the DataCite Metadata Schema.

3 Title

The title property should include appropriate elements that would help find and distinguish a sample. The exact syntax is at the discretion of the IGSN ID registrant. Appropriate elements might include:

  • The basic form of the object that is registered. For example, polished section, core, pulp, solution, dredge haul in a box, lot, piece of material.
  • The material or materials that compose to the sample. For example, water, granite, tissue.
  • Local sample identifiers.

We strongly recommend populating the title property with an appropriate value to enhance discoverability. If no title information is available, there is the option to fill this property with an appropriate standard value for unknown information from Table 11 of the DataCite Metadata Schema.

4 Publisher

The publisher property contains “the name of the entity that holds, archives, publishes prints, distributes, releases, issues, or produces the resource.” For IGSN IDs, this should be the organization registering the IGSN ID for the physical sample.

5 PublicationYear

The publicationYear property should contain the year when the sample was first made available to the research community. This is likely to be the year at the time the physical sample is registered unless the sample was released before registration of its metadata record.

The DataCite Metadata Schema provides the following additional guidance for the publicationYear property that is relevant to material samples:

  • If the date of public availability cannot be determined, use the date of registration.
  • If an embargo period has been in effect, use the date when the embargo period ends.
  • If there is no standard publication year value, use the date that would be preferred from a citation perspective.

10 ResourceType

The resourceType property may be populated with resource types from external ontologies or shared vocabularies. In the absence of an agreed vocabulary, the use of the terms “material sample” or “‘feature-of-interest” are strongly recommended to at least distinguish between these sampling concepts. A material sample is a specialization of a larger feature-of-interest (e.g., lake, tree, cross-section, transect, borehole, etc.).

10.a resourceTypeGeneral

The resourceTypeGeneral property is “PhysicalObject” for all IGSN IDs.

IGSN ID recommendations for other properties in DataCite Metadata Schema

8 Date

The date property may be used to log events relevant to the physical object. The date property requires the dateType subproperty, which must be entered from a controlled list. Please see Table 6 in the DataCite Metadata Schema for a description of dateType controlled list values.

At this time, there is no value for controlled list value for “destroyed”, which may be pertinent to your material samples metadata. Pending the potential addition of an equivalent value, we advise using a date property with dateType “Other” and “Destroyed” in the dateInformation field.

11 AlternateIdentifier

The alternateIdentifier property may be used to enter any other identifiers for the material sample, including local sample identifiers.

Enriching IGSN ID metadata in the DataCite Metadata Schema

In addition to the properties above, we recommend that you populate as many of the DataCite Metadata Schema properties as possible using your local samples metadata and database fields. This will help to improve the discoverability of your IGSN IDs.

If additional information about your samples becomes available over time, you can update your IGSN ID metadata or URLs no matter their DOI state. The REST API, MDS API, and Fabrica can be used to modify IGSN ID metadata and URLs.

Creating relationships between IGSN IDs and other resources that use PIDs

Relationships among IGSN IDs and with other resources that use PIDs can be encoded in the DataCite Metadata Schema and represented in the PID Graph. A subset of these relationships are represented in DataCite APIs, as well as in DataCite Commons, DataCite’s discovery system.

The relatedIdentifier property in the DataCite Metadata Schema can be used to build relationships among IGSN IDs and with other resources that use PIDs. Relationships encoded with the relatedIdentifier property create Event Data and a selection of Event Data relation types, including citation, reference, part, and version relationships, are represented in DataCite APIs and Commons. Please see our Support document on making and using connection metadata using related identifiers for more information.

Linking to custom metadata

Your institution may maintain metadata about your samples in schemata specific to your institution, discipline, or samples community. We recommend that you link to this external metadata using the relatedIdentifier property with a “HasMetadata” relationType attribute. If you are pointing to a web-hosted metadata file, the relatedIdentifierType “URL” will likely be appropriate. The relatedMetadataScheme attribute can be used to specify the name of the metadata scheme. See the DataCite Metadata Schema.

Improving the DataCite Metadata Schema for material samples

The IGSN–DataCite Metadata Management Working Group is proposing revisions to the DataCite Metadata Schema such that it better meets the needs of IGSN e.V. Members and the samples community more generally. These changes may be reflected in the DataCite Metadata Schema in the future. If you wish to provide additional feedback, please consult our support document on providing DataCite Metadata Schema feedback.

Example DataCite XML metadata following IGSN ID recommendations

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    xmlns="http://datacite.org/schema/kernel-4" xsi:schemaLocation="http://datacite.org/schema/kernel-4 http://schema.datacite.org/meta/kernel-4/metadata.xsd">
    <identifier identifierType="DOI">10.21384/SP0001</identifier>
            <creatorName nameType="Personal">Miller, Elizabeth</creatorName>
            <nameIdentifier nameIdentifierScheme="Other" schemeURI="">0000-0001-5000-0007</nameIdentifier>
            <affiliation affiliationIdentifier="https://ror.org/02e2tgs60" affiliationIdentifierScheme="ROR" schemeURI="https://ror.org">Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory</affiliation>
        <title>PL04, Lapilli tuff, Rock</title>
    <publisher>Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory</publisher>
    <resourceType resourceTypeGeneral="PhysicalObject">Material sample</resourceType>
        <date dateType="Collected">2022-06-01</date>
        <date dateType="Other" dateInformation="Destroyed">2022-06-15</date>
        <alternateIdentifier alternateIdentifierType="Local sample identifier">PL04</alternateIdentifier>
        <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="DOI" relationType="IsPartOf" resourceTypeGeneral="PhysicalObject">10.21384/SP0002</relatedIdentifier>
        <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="DOI" relationType="IsReferencedBy" resourceTypeGeneral="Dataset">10.26022/ieda/112166</relatedIdentifier>
        <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="URL" relationType="HasMetadata" relatedMetadataScheme="citeproc+json" schemeURI="https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-data.json">https://data.datacite.org/application/citeproc+json/10.5072/example-full</relatedIdentifier>

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