DOI Registration Policy

  1. You can assign a DOI to content that your organization has responsibility for. DataCite expects all members to be active stewards of the content they are assigning DOIs to. This means you need to be able to update the content and metadata. It is not permissible to provide or resell DOIs to third parties.

  2. Do not assign a DOI to an identical version of the content if the same content is already published somewhere else with a DOI. You can assign a new DOI to an author-deposited manuscript, but this must not be the final published version. Please check copyright before assigning a DOI.

  3. You can assign a DOI to multiple types of research outputs. The DataCite metadata schema must be suitable for describing these items.

  4. DOIs must resolve to a publicly available landing page. The underlying content does not need to be publicly available but the metadata must be open.