What should I do if the publisher name I want to use does not appear in the drop-down list in the Fabrica form?

Since the release of schema version 4.5, the “Publisher” field in the Fabrica form now includes a ROR look-up. This feature means that the ROR ID is automatically included in the metadata when you select the name of the publisher from the list.

A dropdown form field in DataCite Fabrica labeled "Publisher" with an option selected, displaying "GBIF" and "Global Biodiversity Information Facility."

If the publisher name you want to include does not appear in the drop-down list (which is pulled from the ROR API) you just need to hit "enter" to add the name to the Publisher field in the form.

If your organization is not included in the list, you may want to request a ROR ID for it at https://curation-request.ror.org. Organizations that conduct, produce, manage, or touch research in some way and meet specific criteria are eligible for ROR IDs