Which categories of membership are there?

There are three types of DataCite membership:

  1. Member-only
    This type of member supports DataCite’s data sharing mission and wants to collaborate with DataCite and/or be part of DataCite’s governance. These members do not register DOIs.

  2. Direct member
    This type of member is also a consumer of DOI services and consists of an organization that works with one or more repositories within their organization. The repositories are under the same administrative structure as the organization. A direct member also takes on membership responsibilities such as participating in DataCite’s governance.

  3. Consortium member
    A consortium is a group of like-minded organizations that have come together to collectively participate in DataCite’s community and governance activities and use DataCite’s DOI services. A consortium is composed of two or more non-profit organizations that are under different administrative structures. Consortia are generally located in a single country or subject-based. Organizations within a consortium can work with one or more repositories.

For more information on DataCite membership, please visit our Member page.