Investing in Metadata

Metadata is an essential component of the persistent identifier (PID) infrastructure. DataCite DOIs are accompanied by a metadata schema. There are 6 required properties, which are mandatory in order to register a findable DOI. However, there are many more properties which enhance the possibilities for understanding, discovering and tracking research outputs. Researchers, repositories, institutions and funders can all benefit from investing in metadata.

The following series of infographics is designed to help increase awareness of the different metadata properties that can be used when registering a DataCite DOI and highlight the benefits of using these properties.

  1. Connection Metadata: afifliationIdentifier, nameIdentifier, relatedIdentifier, fundingReference
    download: png pdf

  1. Descriptive Metadata: Rights, Description, Subject
    download: png pdf

To learn more about how to register metadata, refer to the Fabrica and REST API guides.

To learn more about the DataCite metadata schema, visit