A DMP is typically created at the very early stages of a research project. Introducing DMP IDs into the system means connections to other identifiers can be detected via the metadata.

To test weather relevant connections to other identifiers could be made, historical DMPs were identified that had known connections in order to verify the effectiveness of registering DMP IDs. A set of those DMPs were identified through a partnership with the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO).

The original DMPs were in PDF format and had not been generated through the DMPTool. The DataCite metadata record contains all of the connections to other identifiers but it does not have any metadata specifically related to the content of the DMP. The PDF itself has the narrative content of a DMP but does not have the rich information about the connections to other identifiers.

The solution was "The DMP Hub", a system that could host both.