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DOI States

When registering DOIs in DOI Fabrica, you must select a state for the DOI. There are currently three states available.

Draft DOIs

Draft DOIs can be deleted, and they require only the DOI itself in order to be created or saved. In other words, you do not need to enter a valid URL or valid metadata when creating Draft DOIs. Draft DOIs are known only to DOI Fabrica. You may use this state to reserve a DOI within DOI Fabrica without other services or resolvers knowing about its existence.

Draft DOIs may be updated to either Registered or Findable DOIs. Registered and Findable DOIs may not be returned to the Draft state, which means that changing the state of a Draft DOI is final.

Draft DOIs using the test prefix (10.5072) are automatically deleted from our production systems after 30 days. Draft DOIs with other prefixes remain until the DOI owner either deletes them or converts them to another state.

Test Prefix retired June 1, 2019

The test prefix 10.5072 has been retired as of June 1, 2019. As of that date it will not be possible to use the test prefix to create new DOIs. Existing DOIs using the test prefix will gradually phase out over the month of June as their 30-day expirations occur.

Registered DOIs

Registered DOIs are registered with the global handle system, but they are not indexed in DataCite Search. This state maps to "is_active=false" in the DataCite Metadata Store.

Registered DOIs may be updated to Findable DOIs, at which point they will be indexed in DataCite Search. Registered DOIs may not be returned to the Draft state.

Findable DOIs

Findable DOIs are registered with the global handle system just like Registered DOIs, but they are also indexed in DataCite Search. This state maps to "is_active=true" in the DataCite Metadata Store.

Findable DOIs may be updated to Registered DOIs. This means that they will no longer be indexed by DataCite Search.

DOI States Outside of Fabrica

DOI states were introduced when DataCite DOI Fabrica was launched, so the Fabrica service understands all states natively. Other DataCite services can also make use of states, but currently only in a limited way.

The MDS API doesn't directly understand state, but you can change a DOI from Findable to Registered by using the delete DOI API call.

The EZ API understands all DOI states, but it uses the EZID terms.

EZID State Term
Equivalent DataCite State Term







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DOI States

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