How can I map different metadata formats to the DataCite schema?

Supported formats

You can send metadata to DataCite in any of the following formats and it will be converted and validated against the DataCite XML schema. The DataCite Schema website provides detailed descriptions of all fields in the XML schema and examples.

Full metadata

  • DataCite XML
  • DataCite JSON API
  • Codemeta JSON
  • BibTeX
  • RIS
  • Citeproc JSON

Citation metadata crosswalk

The required fields for citation.

DataCite XMLschema.orgRISBibTexCode metaJSON API responseCiteproc JSONJats XML
titlenameT1, T2titlenametitlestitlesource

Discovery metadata crosswalk

The most important fields for describing the resource.

DataCite XMLschema.orgRISBibTexCode metaJSON API responseCiteproc JSONJats XML

DataCite JSON

A version of the JSON Schema for DataCite metadata is available in the DataCite Schema Github repository. However, the JSON Schema is currently in our backlog and is not in active development. We invite all the community to submit your interest in such development via the DataCite Roadmap.

The JSON Schema will allow users to validate using the "DataCite JSON Schema" in the same way as the XML schema.

Do note that the "DataCite JSON Schema" is based on and therefore the current "DataCite JSON" will not conform to this.

Dublin Core

The DataCite Metadata Working Group. (2021). Provides a DataCite to Dublin Core Mapping 4.4.


  1. The Research Data Alliance Research Metadata Schemas Working Group has put together a prototype service for the research data management community in support of managers who are investigating options for including markup into existing well formed metadata.

  2. This publication from Scientific Data a data citation roadmap for scholarly data repositories is a practical roadmap for scholarly data repositories to implement data citation in accordance with the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles.

  3. The full Crosswork of CodeMeta metadata.

  4. DataCite's Bolognese Github repository for metadata conversions for conversion of DOI metadata from and to different metadata formats, including