Service Provider Software Integrations

Below is a list of software system integrations developed/supported by registered DataCite Service Providers. Registered Service Providers meet requirements and follow best practices to ensure that their integrations register DOIs correctly and support creation of high-quality metadata.

Other DataCite integrations exist, but their developers have not yet registered as service providers, so we cannot assure that they meet best practices. If you don't see a system that you use listed here, please encourage your vendor to become a registered service provider.

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To register DOI names you need a DataCite account!

You will have to become a DataCite Member or join as part of a Consortium in order to assign DataCite DOIs to your datasets. Check what is the difference and how to become a member here!


DSpace is an open source software platform that enables organisations to:

  • capture and describe digital material using a submission workflow module, or a variety of programmatic ingest options
  • distribute an organisation's digital assets over the web through a search and retrieval system
  • preserve digital assets over the long term.

Please, read carefully the DSpace documentation. There are some limitations on the way you can test your configuration (i.e. the test prefix is not supported!):

DataCite integration developed by service provider The Library Code GmbH; also supported by service providers 4Science, Atmire, and eScire . These organizations are also DSpace service providers.

Ex Libris Esploro

Ex Libris Esploro lets you move beyond the traditional institutional repository and maximize the impact of institutional research. Esploro’s research repository simplifies and enhances the process of capturing, managing, and promoting the university’s research output, and enables the tracking of research performance.

General Esploro DOI registration overview:

Credential configuration:

Managing research deposits:

Video tutorial:


Figshare is a web-based interface designed for academic research data management and research data dissemination. It accepts all file types (with in-browser viewing). Figshare enables academics to upload, share, cite and importantly discover all manner of research outputs with the security of knowing our hosting options and platform support long term preservation of data. In addition to its free service for individuals, Figshare also offers repository solutions for publishers and [institutions](Along the way, we have developed offerings not just for the individual ( but for publishers and institutions with industry standards and best practice at our core.

Figshare can manage the DOI registration process.

Haplo Repository

Haplo provides a single repository for all research, enabling all research outputs related to a project to be stored together and searched simultaneously. Haplo’s flexible data model can represent any type of information and manage datasets, traditional and non-traditional output types in one repository.




Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project through its federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research.

OJS supports DOIs for issues, articles, galleries and supplementary files:

Supported by service provider eScire


Pure aggregates organization's research information from numerous internal and external sources. It is a centralized system that builds reports, carry out performance assessments, manage researcher profiles, enable research networking and expertise discovery and more.

Pure can manage the DOI registration process.


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