Do I need to be a DataCite Member to register RAiDs?
RAiDs are registered through RAiD Registration Agencies (RAs) and these RAs are members of DataCite. The RAiDs are registered under their memberships.

How do I find the right RAiD Registration Agency for me?
Please contact [email protected] and we can point you to the relevant Registration Agency. If you are interested in starting a new RAiD RA, please contact ARDC at [email protected].

What are the costs for RAiD RAs registering RAiDs through DataCite?
RAiD registration will follow the normal DataCite fee model, which can be found on the DataCite website.

Which resource type will be used in the DataCite metadata schema when registering a RAiD?
RAiDs will be registered by RAiD Registration Agencies through DataCite’s standard processes and will in the interim will use the resourceTypeGeneral “Other” designation with “Project” sub-type. DataCite is currently working on adding resourceTypeGeneral "Project" and a RAiD-specific repository type to support unique API calls for RAiDs.

Is it possible to distinguish RAiDs from other DOIs?
Yes, it will be possible to filter (or limit) RAiDs in API calls as well as uniquely distinguish them in user interfaces. RAiDs will resolve to the RAiD landing pages via