Getting a test account

All test versions of DataCite services require test account credentials (an Account ID and password). This is a separate set of credentials from DataCite production service credentials.

Just like with our production services, there are two levels of credentials for the test system: a Repository account allows you to create and manage DOIs, and a Member account allows you to create and manage Repositories.

Request a test account

DataCite staff will create test accounts for Members during on-boarding. The Member will then have the authority and responsibility for creating test accounts for their Repositories.

If you are a Repository of please contact your Member Organization to request a test account.

DataCite staff can also create test accounts for potential Members who have not yet joined. If you are considering membership and would like a test account, please contact DataCite support at [email protected].

Set up your test account

After your test account has been created you will receive an automated email from the test instance of DOI Fabrica containing a Generate password link.


Password generation email from Fabrica Test

Clicking on Generate a password takes you to the Set Password page. You can set your own password or have one automatically suggested for you.


Password setting page in Fabrica Test

Clicking on Submit will set the password and will take you to the Sign in page. Click on the Sign in button in the upper right corner of your screen and enter your Account ID and the password. You will find your Account ID in the same system e-mail as the password link.

Use your test account

The same test account credentials work for all DataCite services that have a test instance. These test services will have "test" in the URL. These test services are: