How can I use the DataCite API to search and retrieve the DOIs and metadata for my organization or a specific repository?

The DataCite REST API is a good solution for quickly and easily retrieving lists of DOIs and the associated metadata. To search for a specific organization or repository, you will need to know the ID of the account. You can then apply filter parameters as follows (you can use a tool like 'Postman', curl from the command line, or just your browser to run these queries):

For example:
Member ID: cern
Parameter: provider-id

Repository ID: cern.zenodo
Parameter: client-id[cursor]=1&page[size]=1000

Notice that the second query includes cursor-based pagination to page through a results set that exceeds 10,000 results.

You can also search DOI metadata using the 'query' parameter. A basic query to search for DOI metadata records with a specific publication year looks like this:

You can apply a filter parameter and combine it with the query parameter as follows:

There is lots of information in the recently updated guide about queries and filtering!