Repository Transfers

DataCite's Repository transfer policy:

  • Repository transfers must be approved by the Member/Consortium currently managing the Repository.
  • All the required information (see below) must be submitted before the transfer can proceed.

Transferring Repositories between Members/Consortia

A Repository account can be transferred to a different DataCite Member or Consortium Organization in DataCite.

A Member wishing to do this should submit a request to DataCite Support ([email protected]) including all of the following information:


Repository ID:
New Member/Consortium Organization ID:
Total number of DOIs:

DataCite will contact the Member/Consortium Organization that currently manages the Repository account to request approval. Once the transfer is approved, the Repository account is transferred by DataCite to the new Member/Consortium Organization account.

Nothing about the Repository account changes. The credentials, prefix and DOIs remain exactly the same. The only difference is that the Repository now sits under a new Member/Consortium Organization.

The below diagram shows an example of a Repository account being transferred from a Directly Member to a Consortium Organization.