DOI transfers

DataCite's DOI transfer policy:

  • DOI transfers must be approved by the Member/Consortium currently managing the DOIs.
  • All the required information (see below) must be submitted before the transfer can proceed.

Transfer all DOIs from one Repository to another

DOIs can be transferred to a different Repository belonging to another DataCite Member or Consortium Organization.

A Member wishing transfer all DOIs and the prefix from one Repository to another should submit a request to DataCite Support ([email protected]) including all of the following information:


Old Repository ID:
New Repository ID:
Total number of DOIs (including registered and draft state):

DataCite will contact the Member/Consortium Organization that currently manages the DOIs to request approval. DataCite will confirm a one hour time slot during which DOI registration should be paused while the transfer takes place. The DOIs will be transferred by DataCite to the new Repository and DataCite will confirm once this is done.

Transfer subsets of DOIs

A prefix is always associated with one repository only. However, DOIs can be separated out into different repositories within DataCite.


DOI metadata

When DOIs are transferred to a new Repository account in DataCite, the metadata is updated and maintained by the new Repository (even if the prefix is not transferred).

Individual DOIs can be manually transferred in Fabrica by Direct Members (between their own Repositories), Consortium Leads (between their Consortium Organizations' Repositories), and Consortium Organizations (between their own Repositories).

If you need to transfer a large subset of DOIs, contact [email protected] for assistance.