Introduction to DataCite Commons

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What is DataCite Commons?

DataCite Commons describes works, people, organizations and repositories and their connections and allows users to search for them. They are identified by persistent identifiers (PIDs)—works (DOI), people (ORCID ID), organizations (ROR ID), and repositories (re3data repository ID)—and have standard metadata that describe them and the connections to each other. Together they form the PID Graph, which is powered by the DataCite GraphQL API. DataCite Commons provides a public web search interface to the PID Graph.

DataCite Commons is work in progress as part of the European Commission-funded FREYA project with a first public version released in August 2020, with 30 million works, nine million people and 100,000 organizations. DataCite Commons was officially launched in October 2020.

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Works, people, organizations, and repositories are searchable via DataCite Commons:

DataCite Commons also supports advanced search queries.

View connections

DataCite Commons shows the following connections and statistics:

  • Works
    • Citations and references from related identifier information in DataCite and Crossref DOI metadata.
    • Views and downloads from usage reports following the COUNTER standard submitted from repositories to DataCite.
  • People
    • Related works from ORCID iDs in DataCite and Crossref DOI metadata.
    • Aggregated citations, views, and downloads from related works.
    • Accessibility achievements for a researcher.
  • Organizations:
    • Related works from ROR IDs and Crossref Funder IDs in DataCite and Crossref metadata.
    • Aggregated citations, views, and downloads from related works.
  • Repositories:
    • Related works (deposits).
    • Aggregated citations, views, and downloads from deposits.

Learn more about making and using connection metadata.

DataCite Profiles

Using the DataCite Profiles service, you can log in with your ORCID iD to the Commons service to add additional functionality. Learn how to add a DOI to Your ORCID Record.


From the statistics page you can find a summary of the data involved in the PID Graph.

This work was funded as part of the FREYA project. The FREYA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777523.