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DataCite Commons describes works, people, and organizations, and their connections and allows users to search for them. They are identified by persistent identifiers (PIDs): works (DOI), people (ORCID ID), and organizations (ROR ID), and have standard metadata that describe them and the connections to each other. Together they form the PID Graph, which is powered by the DataCite GraphQL API. DataCite Commons provides a public web search interface to the PID Graph.

DataCite Commons is work in progress as part of the European Commission-funded FREYA project with a first public version released in August 2020, with 30 million works, nine million people and 100,000 organizations. DataCite Commons was officially launch in October 2020.


DataCite Commons provides a single search interface for Works, People, and Organizations. Works are content registered with a DOI from DataCite, Crossref, or one of the other six scholarly DOI registration agencies. The People search integrates with the ORCID API and the Organizations search integrates with the ROR API. When on a page that lists works (person, organization or references and citations for a work), there is also a This Page search option.


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Search Works

DataCite Commons supports exactly the same queries as DataCite Search and DataCite Fabrica. Under the hood these are all query string queries from Elasticsearch. Some of the advanced features are briefly described below.

Field names

Queries by default search all fields, but a specific field can be provided in the query, e.g.

For nested fields use the same format as in the REST API response, e.g.


Wildcards are supported, e.g.*

Boolean operators

By default, all terms are optional, as long as one term matches. Use + or - to specify terms that have to match or not match, respectively. For example


For number and date fields, we can specify a range. Wildcards are supported e.g.[2019%20TO%20*] or[1000%20TO%201999]


You can modify your search by using the following filters:

  • Publication Year
  • Work Type (using the DataCite ResourceTypeGeneral controlled List)
  • License (using the SPDX controlled vocabulary)
  • Language (using the ISO639-1 controlled vocabulary)
  • Field of Science (using the OECD Fields of Science controlled vocabulary)
  • Registration Agency (one of the eight DOI Registration Agencies for scholarly content)

Search for works by keyword COVID-19, filtered by license CC-BY 4.0.

Search People

For searching people, DataCite Commons uses the ORCID API and its query options described here. This includes support for field names and boolean operators as described above.


Search for people by name and keyword.

Search Organizations

For searching organizations, DataCite Commons uses the ROR API and its query options. The ROR API also uses query string queries from Elasticsearch, and the query options are similar as for searching works.


Organization keyword search with filtering by country.


DataCite Commons shows the following connections:

  • Works: references, citations, views, and downloads
  • People: works
  • Organizations: works

The references and citations, shown for works come via related identifier information from DataCite and Crossref DOI metadata.

The views and downloads shown for works come via usage reports following the COUNTER standard submitted from repositories to DataCite.

The works shown for people come via creator name identifier information from DataCite and Crossref DOI metadata.


Works by person with summary statistics

The works shown for organizations come via affiliation and funding information (using ROR and Crossref Funder Identifier) from DataCite and Crossref DOI metadata. Works where an organization is listed as a creator or contributor are also included. If the ROR ID is included in the DataCite organizational profile, all of the works linked to that organization will be displayed in DataCite Commons as well.


Include the ROR ID in Fabrica!

Include your organization's ROR ID in your Member/Consortium Organization profile in the Fabrica to ensure all the works that have been registered in DataCite by your organization will be linked to the record in DataCite Commons.

Listing works

Listings of works (whether references, citations, or works associated with a particular person or organization) come in a standard format and allow queries, filtering, and pagination. They also display the following summary statistics:

  • Works by publication year
  • Works by work type
  • Works by license

Aggregate statistics for works by funder at

Showing Views and Downloads

For works where the hosting repository has submitted usage reports to DataCite, we show monthly unique views and downloads.


Views, downloads and citations for dataset


Using the DataCite profiles service you can login e.g. with your ORCiD, to the Commons service to add additional functionality.

One of the advantages to login is being able to see your claimed ORCiD works.



From the statistics page you can find a live summary of the data involved in the PID Graph.


This work was funded as part of the FREYA project. The FREYA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777523.

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