Getting Started with an IGSN ID Repository

Creating an IGSN ID Repository

IGSN IDs can only be registered with a designated IGSN ID Repository. Follow these steps to create an IGSN ID Repository for material samples:

  1. Log in to Fabrica as a Direct Member, Consortium Organization, or Consortium Lead.
  2. Click "Add Repository" to create a new designated Repository account and prefix. This Repository will be used exclusively to register IGSN IDs. Additional designated IGSN ID Repositories can be created as well.
  3. To create the IGSN ID Repository, fill in the Repository Name and System Email, then include the words “IGSN ID” in the Description field. The inclusion of this string allows DataCite to track the adoption and usage of IGSN IDs. Additional information about your repository can also be included. The description of the organization registering IGSN IDs will appear in DataCite Commons.
  4. Once the Repository is created, send an email to [email protected] with the Repository ID and prefix of the new IGSN ID Repository.


For documentation on creating a repository using Fabrica, see Create a Repository (for Members) and Create a Repository (for Consortium Leads and Consortium Organizations).

Example of an IGSN Repository

The new Repository includes the string "IGSN ID" in the Description field in the Repository settings.


An example IGSN ID Repository in Fabrica.


Why are these repository creation steps necessary?

These steps flag your Repository as an IGSN ID repository, help track IGSN ID registration, and help DataCite and the IGSN e.V. keep in touch with IGSN ID registrants as the IGSN–DataCite partnership progresses.

What’s Next

Created your IGSN ID Repository? Start registering IGSN IDs for material samples.