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User Documentation

Access the DataCite Profiles web interface here:

What is DataCite Profiles?

DataCite Profiles provides a single sign-on for all personalized DataCite services.

Who can use DataCite profiles?

Researchers can connect their ORCID profiles and automatically update their ORCID record when their ORCID iD is included in the metadata of a newly registered DOI.

Sign in

On top right of the page, you will find a 'Sign in' button. You can only interact with Profiles if you have signed in.


Globus, a non-profit organization based at the University of Chicago and DataCite member, is providing authentication services for DataCite. Globus allows login via an institutional account, Google or ORCID.


Click on the "Sign in with Globus" button, and then pick your login option in the next screen:


In the initial account signup you will be asked to link to an ORCID account.


Once you have signed in, you can manage your profile from the top right of the page. There, you can access your Settings, see all the DOIs linked to your ORCID iD in Fabrica, jump to your ORCID record, or sign out.


The Settings page provides an overview of your Profiles account and shows a summary of your ORCID claims.


ORCID Permissions

To send claims from DataCite to your ORCID record, you need to obtain permissions from ORCID in form of a token, using the button on the Settings page. Click "Get ORCID Token" to enable this.


The Claims can be generated in one of two ways:

  • ORCID Search & Link: where you can add works to your ORCID record manually from DataCite Commons
  • ORCID Auto-Update: every time a new DOI is registered with your ORCID iD in the metadata, your ORCID Record will be updated automatically.


Auto-update will trigger for findable DOIs registered or updated after the user enables the auto-update. To trigger ORCID auto-update for existing DOIs, you will need to make an update to one of the following fields:

  • Creator
  • RelatedIdentifier
  • FundingReference

The process is similar to the initial Sign in. You will be redirected to log in or create an account, and to accept the DataCite Profiles connection.


Clicking on the "Update" button on the lower right corner opens this window:


The first option shows or hides your record in DataCite services such as DataCite Search. The second option enables or disables ORCID Auto-Update.


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