How will IGSN IDs be registered under the partnership? DataCite provides ID registration services using either the Fabrica user interface or one of the APIs. Details of the best practices for IGSN registration will be established through the IGSN Partnership Steering Group in coordination with the community. IGSN IDs will be functionally DataCite DOIs.

What tools and APIs will be used to register IGSN IDs? The existing DataCite tools and APIs will be used to register DOIs.

What is the transition timeline? We are working on the specific details, although we expect existing DataCite members and IGSN Allocating Agents to be registering IGSN IDs using the DataCite infrastructure by the end of 2022.

I am an existing DataCite member, will I be able to register IGSN IDs? Yes, this will be via the existing registration services provided by DataCite. We will communicate the timelines for when this will become available in the coming months.

Will my existing IGSN IDs always resolve? The current plan is that DataCite would take over hosting the existing IGSN handle server and alias handles to DOIs. This will only be for previously registered IGSNs, new registrations would use the DOI infrastructure. The transition will be planned in phases and close coordination with the IGSN allocating agents. The IGSN IDs will always resolve.

Is there documentation available? Currently the documentation exists in two places, the DataCite support site and the IGSN technical documentation wiki. Our teams are working to consolidate documentation and provide detailed transition steps for existing IGSN Allocating Agents.

Who can I contact should I have support or more questions? General questions about the partnership can be directed to [email protected] and these will be shared with the Partnership Steering Group. If there are specific IGSN technical questions related to the existing infrastructure, please refer to the IGSN technical documentation wiki or direct questions to [email protected].

I am an IGSN Allocating Agent, how do I join DataCite? We will be setting up meetings in the next three months to discuss the different options. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any immediate questions.

How does the sample metadata map to the DataCite schema? DataCite has experience with samples, having supported registration of over 1.3 million PhysicalObject identifiers by its members. To this will be added 10 million IGSN IDs.

Will current IGSN Allocating Agents be charged by DataCite for re-registering legacy IGSN IDs in DataCite systems? No, DataCite Members will not be charged when re-registering legacy IGSNs with DataCite.

How will DataCite Members be charged for registering new IGSN IDs? New IGSN IDs registered with DataCite will be charged according to DataCite's existing fee model for DOIs. Registering one IGSN ID is equivalent to registering one DOI.

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