What does the state of the DOI mean and how can I change it?

DataCite DOIs can have three states: Draft, Registered or Findable. The state refers to i) whether the DOI is registered in the global handle system, and ii) if the DOI is registered in DataCite Commons.


We recommend creating your a “draft” first. To change the state of the DOI in Fabrica select the corresponding check box at the top of the DOI record.

You can chose:

A Draft can be deleted, and they require only the identifier itself in order to be created or saved. They can be updated to either Registered or Findable DOIs. Registered and Findable DOIs may not be returned to the Draft state, which means that changing the state of a Draft is final.

Registered DOIs are registered with the global handle system, but they are not indexed in DataCite Search.

Findable DOIs are registered with the global handle system just like Registered DOIs, but they are also indexed in DataCite Search.

Registered and Findable DOIs cannot be deleted see https://support.datacite.org/docs/can-i-delete-or-change-my-dois.

Read more about DOI states here https://support.datacite.org/docs/doi-states.