Connecting to Organizations

There are several places where organizations can be included in DataCite DOI metadata.

  • Affiliations: Creators and contributors have an affiliation sub-property. This property has an optional affiliationIdentifier attribute for organizational identifiers (e.g. ROR IDs).
  • Creators and contributors: In cases where an organization is itself a creator or contributor, the nameIdentifier sub-property can be used to include an organizational identifier.
  • Funders: The fundingReference property is used for funding organizations. This property has an optional sub-property funderIdentifier for an appropriate identifier (e.g. Crossref Funder ID, ROR ID).
  • Publisher: The publisher property has an optional publisherIdentifier sub-property that can be used to include an organizational identifier (e.g. a ROR ID).

In DataCite Commons, the organization profile includes works that meet the following criteria:

  • The work has the organization’s ROR ID in an affiliationIdentifier for a creator or contributor.
  • The work has the organization’s ROR ID in a nameIdentifier for a creator or contributor.
  • The work has the organization’s Crossref Funder ID in a fundingIdentifier for a fundingReference. (Crossref Funder IDs are mapped to ROR IDs using ROR metadata.)
  • The work has the organization's ROR ID in the publisherIdentifier of the publisher.
  • The work's DataCite organizational profile contains the organization's ROR ID.


Creator with affiliationIdentifier:

  <creatorName nameType="Personal">Garcia, Sofia</creatorName>
  <nameIdentifier schemeURI="" nameIdentifierScheme="ORCID">0000-0001-5727-2427</nameIdentifier>
  <affiliation affiliationIdentifier="" affiliationIdentifierScheme="ROR" SchemeURI="">Arizona State University</affiliation>

Contributor with nameIdentifier for organization:

<contributor contributorType="RegistrationAgency">
  <contributorName nameType="Organizational">DataCite</contributorName>
  <nameIdentifier schemeURI="" nameIdentifierScheme="ROR"></nameIdentifier>

FundingReference with funderIdentifier:

  <funderName>European Commission</funderName>
  <funderIdentifier funderIdentifierType="Crossref Funder ID"></funderIdentifier>
  <awardNumber awardURI="">282625</awardNumber>
  <awardTitle>MOTivational strength of ecosystem services and alternative ways to express the value of BIOdiversity</awardTitle>

Publisher with publisherIdentifier:

  <publisher publisherIdentifier="" publisherIdentifierScheme="ROR" schemeURI="">DataCite</publisher>