ORCID Claiming

ORCID Claiming in DataCite Commons allows a researcher to manually claim a DOI for their work and link it to their ORCID record.


DataCite Profiles

You need a DataCite Profiles account to use this service. In order for ORCID claiming to work the token must be enabled. Follow the instructions in the profiles documentation.

Only DataCite DOIs can be claimed in DataCite Commons.

To claim a DOI in DataCite Commons first log in by clicking the button to the top right of the page.

  1. Search for a DOI using the search box. Click to open the full record of the DOI and scroll down to the ORCID claim section. Click on the "Claim DOI" button.
  1. The "Claim waiting" message appears, this might take a few seconds to complete. If the error: "No user and/or ORCID token" appears, check the ORCID token is enabled in DataCite Profiles.

Once completed the DOI will appear in the associated ORCID record. The button now appears in orange with "Remove Claim" which will remove the DOI from the ORCID record if claimed in error.



Researcher Profiles

Claims go to ORCID. They do not appear in the DataCite Researcher Profile. Only DOIs that have the ORCID included in the DOI metadata are linked to the DataCite Researcher Profile. In future releases, all claims will appear in the researcher profile. Keep an eye on updates.


Why is it different from the ORCID auto update?

In your ORCID record you can choose to activate an auto update for DataCite. Once activated via the "search and link wizard", your ORCID record is then being populated and you are being notified, once new items are available to be included in your ORCID record. This only works, if the ORCID iD has been included in the DOI metadata.
The ORCID Claiming in DataCite Commons is useful when you as a researcher want to claim a work that does not include your ORCID iD in the DOI metadata.