Consortium Organization Dashboard

When you log in to Fabrica with a Consortium Organization account, you are presented with a dashboard where you can manage Settings, Repositories, Prefixes, and DOIs.


The Info tab gives an overview. The two charts display the total number of Repositories and the total number of DOIs created in the current year across all of the Repositories. The total number of Repositories and DOIs by year can be viewed by hovering over the charts.



The Settings tab contains the unique ID, Organization name, as well as additional information: contact information, website, country, and description.



The Repositories tab lists all of the Repositories. The Repository information including the Repository ID and system email can be viewed here.

The default sorting order for Repositories is by Name. To change sorting order to sort by Date joined, click on the arrow in the dropdown box at the top of the Repository list and select Sort by Date Joined. To search for an individual Repository, enter the Repository name or the Repository ID in the search box and click Search.

To filter the Repository list by year joined, select the appropriate box on the right side of the screen. To deactivate the filter, re-click the selected box.


By clicking on the Repository name the total number of DOIs created in the current year are displayed.



The DOI prefix is used as a namespace so DOIs are globally unique without requiring global coordination for each new identifier. All DOI prefixes are numbers without any semantic meaning.

The Prefixes tab contains a list of all prefixes assigned to a Consortium Organization.



The DOI tab lists all the DOIs registered by all Repositories. Information about the DOIs appears in the facets on the left, this can include; State, Resource Type, Year Created, Year Registered (in the global handle system), Repository, Affiliation, Prefix, Repository Certificate, Schema Version, Source and Link Check Status. The search form can be used to find an individual DOI.



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