Create a DOI via Form

Navigate to the DOIs tab in the Repository dashboard. Click the orange Create DOI (Form) button in the upper left of the screen.


Enter the DOI, the state, and the metadata. Draft state metadata need to have only the identifier and the state (selected as Draft). Registered and Findable DOIs need to have all the required metadata fields. At this time, the Fabrica form supports all of the metadata fields in the DataCite Metadata Schema that are labeled as required, plus the optional Resource Type and Description field.

For help on filling in each field, please see Field Descriptions for Form

For more information on creating DOIs in Fabrica watch this short how-to video


Once you've filled in the appropriate fields, click the Create DOI button at the bottom of the page. Your DOI will be saved in Fabrica, and the record page for the DOI will be displayed.


When will the DOIs I created show up in DataCite Search?

DOIs will be indexed into DataCite Search, within 15 minutes after being created in DOI Fabrica.


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