DataCite EZ API Guide


We will be discontinuing the DataCite EZ API from 31st of December 2021!

For those who are still using the DataCite EZ API, we recommend moving to our DataCite REST API, which is DataCite's primary API. The DataCite REST API allows any user to retrieve, query and browse DataCite DOI metadata records. DataCite Repositories can register DOIs and DataCite Members can manage Repositories and prefixes via the REST API using their credentials.

You can follow DataCite REST API Guide to start transitioning to using our REST API. If you have test accounts set up, those credentials can be used to test your implementation via Please note this service should only be used for testing purposes and should not be integrated with your production workflows. If you have any questions or issues transitioning to our REST API please reach out to us via [email protected].

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