DataCite Researcher Profiles

DataCite Researcher Profiles provides insight into data level metrics by researcher.

How it works

A researcher that has openly published research datasets can now find out many times these published datasets have been viewed, downloaded, and cited by visiting their DataCite Researcher Profile page.

Example Researcher Profile:

How to access

To access Research Profiles navigate to: +RESEARCHER_ORCID_ID


Under the DOIs tab you will see the list of all the DOIs where the researcher ORCID iD appears in the metadata. You can filter by Resource Type, Year Published and Repository using the facets on the left. You can sort the DOIs by Date Updated and Date Created by selecting from the menu on the top right.


Co-author list

DataCite Commons provides a way to visualize the co-authors of a particular researcher. The users can use this feature to analyze the network of a particular researcher's collaborations and explore their profiles. Visit your research profile page in DataCite Commons to see your top five co-authors, eg:


This work is supported by the Belmont Forum as an output of the PARSEC project, with funds specifically provided by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1929464


I can not find all my resources under the DOIs tab, Why?

Currently, the list includes only resources with your ORCID id in their DOI metadata.


Would you like to know more?

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