Create a Repository

Members are able to create new Repository accounts and manage existing accounts. Every Repository accessing Fabrica through an associated Member must have their own account.

To add a new Repository, go to the Repositories tab of the Member dashboard and click the Add Repository button on the left. Fill in the requested details and click Save at the bottom of the record. An email with the Repository ID and a link to set up a password will automatically be sent to the system email that you specified in the Repository settings.

For detailed explanations of each field, see Field Descriptions for Repository Settings.


Automatic prefix assignation

Once the new Repository has been created a prefix is automatically assigned. The same prefix is also assigned to the associated Member or Consortium Organization account.

A message will appear in the settings tab showing the new prefix that has been assigned to the new Repository.



Additional prefixes

Fabrica will automatically assign just one prefix to a newly created Repository account. To request additional prefixes, send an email to [email protected]. We recommend that each Repository account has just one prefix.

To see the prefix assigned to a Repository, click on the prefixes tab on the Repository dashboard.