Repository Dashboard

When Repositories log in to Fabrica, they are presented with the Fabrica dashboard. The dashboard is the central hub for all activities related to DataCite's DOI Registration Service. From the dashboard, Repositories can manage Settings and DOIs, and view a list of their available Prefixes.


The Info page is the first page presented to Repositories after login and gives an overview of account information and includes the name of the Repository and the total number of DOIs. Repositories can also view the total number of DOIs by year by hovering over the graph.



The Settings tab contains the Repository ID, Alternate Name, Description, Service Contact, System Email, URL of the repository, Language, Repository Type, and Certificate. Information on when the record was created and last updated is in the lower left-hand corner of the sidebar.

From the Settings tab, you can reset the Repository password, update Repository settings, or delete the Repository.



The DOI prefix is used as a namespace so DOIs are globally unique without requiring global coordination for each new identifier. All DOI prefixes are numbers without any semantic meaning. The Prefixes tab displays the prefix assigned to the Repository.


We recommend one prefix per Repository. Request a new Repository account if a new prefix is required.



The DOIs tab lists all the DOIs registered by the Repository. Repositories can filter DOIs using the facets by State, Resource Type, Year Created and Year registered. Repositories can also use the search bar to retrieve an individual DOI.


From the DOIs tab, Repositories can create a DOI via a form, create a DOI via file upload, update a DOI, or delete a Draft.


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