Update a DOI

Repositories can update the metadata for any of their registered DOIs. This is especially helpful for DOIs that were originally saved in a Draft state. Learn more about states

From the DOIs tab on the Repository Dashboard, select the DOI you want to update.


Once the DOI is selected, in the upper left corner, click either the Update DOI via Form button or the Update DOI via File Upload button, depending on your preference. If the DOI is currently in the Draft state, you will also have the option to delete the DOI



Updating DOIs with older schema using the DOI Form

The DOI Form will update the metadata schema to the latest version when the DOI is in an older schema version.

Whichever method you choose, you will be able to add or update the URL, the metadata, and the state of the DOI. The DOI name itself cannot be changed.

For detailed explanations of each field, see either Field Descriptions for the File Upload Screen or Field Descriptions for the Form Screen.


A note about validation

There is no validation step for Draft state. Metadata validation only happens when a DOI is saved in Registered or Findable state. If there are problems then validation errors will be shown in the Form or File Upload.

Drafts can be updated to be either Registered or Findable. Registered DOIs can be updated to be Findable, and Findable DOIs may be changed back to Registered. Neither Registered nor Findable DOIs may be returned to the Draft state. This means that updating a Draft to another state is final. Learn more about states


Once you've filled in the appropriate fields, click the Update DOI button at the bottom of the page. Your changes will be saved in DOI Fabrica, and the record page for the DOI will be displayed.


When will the DOIs I updated show up in DataCite Commons?

DOIs will be indexed into DataCite Commons within 15 minutes after being updated in DOI Fabrica.


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