Field Descriptions for Repository Settings (Consortium Leads and Consortium Organizations)

Repository ID

The Repository ID is a unique identifier for each Repository. It must contain uppercase letters or numbers and be of the form MEMBER.REPOSITORY, where MEMBER is the MEMBER ID of the parent organization and REPOSITORY is replaced by a short string representing the Repository.

Note: The Repository ID can't be modified.


Example of Repository ID

Member ID = VFRU
Repository = ZZSX19

re3data Record

Link to the corresponding record in the re3data registry of research data repositories. This field is optional.


Link to your re3data record

Linking the re3data identifier automatically displays a number of fields from re3data without needing to store that information a second time in Fabrica.

Repository Name

Full name of the Repository. This is typically the name of the organization, as the organization wants it displayed. For example, "Archaeology Data Service".

An Alternate Repository Name can be included if appropriate.

System Email

This email address receives reset password requests.

Service Contact

This is the name of the person responsible for the account. This person is considered to be the primary contact for any necessary DataCite or system communications.


Add an optional description of the repository here.


The homepage of the repository.


Select the language of the repository from the drop down list.


Select the software user by the Repository from the drop down list e.g CKAN.


By default a DOI can point to any URL, indicated by an asterix * in the domain settings.


To limit the list of domains that can be used to register URLs for a DOI, enter one or more domains or subdomains, separated by a comma. You can use an asterix to allow any subdomain, e.g. "*". Make sure you are entering only the hostname, not a full URL starting with "http" or "https". Also keep in mind the "www" is a subdomain.


Repository type

Add the type of Repository e.g institutional


The certificate held by the Repository e.g CoreTrustSeal. More information about certificates can be found here RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IG


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