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Metadata Properties

The DataCite Metadata Schema is a list of core metadata properties chosen for an accurate and consistent identification of a resource for citation and retrieval purposes, along with recommended use instructions.The Metadata Schema has three different levels of obligation for its metadata properties:

  • Mandatory: these properties must be provided, otherwise the DataCite DOI will not be minted or updated
  • Recommended: these properties are optional, but strongly recommended for interoperability
  • Optional: these properties are optional but provide a richer description of the object

To enhance the prospects of an object with a DataCite DOI to be found, cited and linked to original research, DataCite strongly encourages to submit as much metadata as the service is aware of and has permission to share.

Mandatory Properties

Mandatory and Recommended properties and sub‐properties are especially valuable to information seekers and added‐service providers, such as indexers. The DataCite Metadata Working Group members strongly urge the inclusion of metadata identified as Recommended for the purpose of achieving greater exposure for the resource’s metadata record, and therefore, the underlying research itself.

Mandatory Properties Details
Identifier with mandatory type sub‐property
Creator with optional name identifier and affiliation sub-properties
Title with optional type sub‐properties
ResourceType with mandatory general type description sub-property

Recommended Properties

Recommended Properties Details
Subject with scheme sub‐property
Contributor with type, name identifier, and affiliation sub‐properties
Date with type sub‐property
RelatedIdentifier with type and relation type sub‐properties
Description with type sub‐property
GeoLocation with point, box, and polygon sub‐properties

Optional Properties

Optional Properties Details
AlternateIdentifier with type sub‐property
FundingReference with name, identifier, and award related sub‐properties