Add Contacts in Fabrica (Member)


Organizational Contacts

Ensure all important communications from DataCite reach the right people by keeping organizational contact information up to date in Fabrica.

A Member account must include at least one service contact, voting contact and billing contact. If contacts are not included, the message "There are no contacts in your contacts list. Please add at least one contact" will appear in red in the "Contact Information" section of the Settings and permission to create repository accounts will be switched off.


There are two parts to ensuring contact information is correctly added:

  1. Add Contact information in the Contacts tab.
  2. Assign Contact Roles in the Member Settings tab.

1. Add Contact Information

Create organizational contacts when logged in with a direct Member account using the "Contacts" tab. This tab appears on the Member account dashboard in Fabrica, next to the "Settings" tab.


Navigate to the Contacts tab and click the "Add Contact" button on the left.


Fill in the Given Name, Family Name and Email of the contact person. Review the DataCite privacy policy by clicking the link in the call out at the bottom, then click "Add Contact".



Duplicate emails

Only one contact can exist for a unique email address. It is not possible to save a second contact with the same email address, even if the contact with this email was deleted. Contact [email protected] to re-add contact information for a deleted contact.

The saved contacts will be listed under the "Contacts" tab


Update/Delete Contacts

Update contacts by clicking on the name of the contact in the "Contacts" tab and then "Update Contact" on the left to edit the Given Name, Family Name or Email.


Contacts can only be deleted if there is at least one remaining contact, and if the contact is not assigned a role. Click on the name of the contact in the "Contacts" tab and the click "Delete Contact" on left.


Confirmation is required before the contact is deleted. Type "Delete" to confirm.


2. Assign Contact Roles

Once the contacts have been added in the "Contacts" tab, return to the "Settings" tab to update the roles. Click "Update Member" on the left.


Scroll down to the "Contact Information" section and click on the drop down list to select the relevant contact.


Member accounts must include one service contact, voting contact and billing contact.


A summary of the contact information appears in the Settings tab.


The role of each contact person will appear in the "Contacts" tab