The Consortium account is managed by the Consortium Lead. Log into Fabrica with the Consortium account to create and manage Consortium Organizations and their Repositories.

The Consortium Lead may also have a corresponding Consortium Organization account where they can set up a Repository and register DOIs.


Contact point

The Consortium Lead is the first point of contact for all questions from organizations that form part of the Consortium.

This section will cover:

Consortium Leads:

Consortium Lead Dashboard
Update Consortium Lead Settings
Add Contacts in Fabrica (Consortium Lead)
Create a Consortium Organization
Delete a Consortium Organization
Repository Transfer
The Consortium Lead can Create a Repository on behalf of the Consortium Organization.

Consortium Organizations:

Consortium Organization Dashboard
Update Consortium Organization Settings
Add Contacts in Fabrica (Consortium Organization)
Create a Repository
Update Repository Settings
Delete a Repository
Transfer DOIs Between Repositories

The Consortium Structure