Delete a Repository

It is possible for a Member to delete one of their Repositories.

If the Repository has registered DOIs, the Member must first transfer the DOIs to another Repository managed by the same Member.

After any remaining DOIs have been transferred, go to the Repository tab of the Member dashboard and click on the name of the Repository you wish to delete.


You will be taken to the Repository dashboard. Go to the Settings tab and click the Delete button on the left.


The next screen will warn you that this action cannot be undone. You must type the Repository ID in the box to confirm the deletion. Then click the Delete button.


You will not be able to delete a Repository that still has associated DOIs. When you click on Delete Repository, you will instead see the screen below, asking you to first transfer all DOIs to another Repository.

Click on Transfer DOIs to initiate the DOI transfer, described in Transfer DOIs Between Repositories.



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