Connecting Research Outputs

Related identifiers

The DataCite Metadata Schema supports the relatedIdentifier property. It is used to connect an object to other related resources. The identifiers used by this property must be globally unique.

relatedIdentifierType is a mandatory subproperty with a controlled list of supported unique identifiers: ARK, arXiv, bibcode, DOI, EAN13, EISSN, Handle, IGSN, ISBN, ISSN, ISTC, LISSN, LSID, PMID, PURL, UPC, URL and URN.

relationType describes the relationship of the resource being registered with a DOI and the related resource. It is also a mandatory subproperty with a controlled list of relations: IsCitedBy, Cites, IsSupplementTo, IsSupplementedBy, IsContinuedBy, Continues, HasMetadata, IsMetadataFor, IsNewVersionOf, IsPreviousVersionOf, IsPartOf, HasPart, IsReferencedBy, References, IsDocumentedBy, Documents, IsCompiledBy, Compiles, IsVariantFormOf, IsOriginalFormOf, IsIdenticalTo, IsReviewedBy, Reviews, IsDerivedFrom and IsSourceOf.

This is an example of a relatedIdentifier for extra metadata in a URL:

   <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="URL" 

Authors and contributors

creators and contributors are also properties of the DataCite Metadata Schema. In version 4.0 of the Schema, we introduced improvements to make them more flexible.

DataCite encourages all its users to provide the names of the creators and contributors making use of the familyName and givenName when available.

nameIdentifier is also particularly important in order to connect research outputs. It connects the authors of a given object to their ORCID or ISNI records and enables services such as ORCID Auto-Update.

      <creatorName>Miller, Elizabeth</creatorName>
      <nameIdentifier schemeURI=""

Funding information

FundingReference is a property of the DataCite Metadata Schema where you can include information about financial support (funding) for the resource being registered. It is a best practice to supply funding information when financial support has been received.

The subproperties funderName, funderIdentifier and funderIdentifierType (controlled) identify the funding body; while awardNumber, awardURI and awardTitle identify the grant or project details.

      Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
      Crossref Funder
      Socioenvironmental Monitoring of the Amazon Basin and Xingu

SCHOLIX: A Framework for Scholarly Link eXchange

The Scholix initiative is a high level interoperability framework for exchanging information about the links between scholarly literature and data. It aims to build an open information ecosystem to understand systematically what data underpins literature and what literature references data.

To find out more about how to implement this in practice when sending relatedIdentifiers to DataCite in the DOI metadata see relationType for citation.


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